Saturday, November 27, 2010

New look for a new day!

After some fiddling, some reading, some dithering, and then some Thanksgiving leftovers here is the new look for Prdy! I tweet and FB on a daily basis but I have been neglecting my of the things I was most excited about! While microblogging is brilliant for its convenience it really feels sort of impersonal, like a little 10 second commercial. Go here! Look at the this! Don't get me wrong I love my twitter! By the way it's for my twittery friends! But it doesn't feel, I don't know, serious enough? My shop is one of my loves and I have great plans for improvement to it...that can't be summed up into 140 characters at a time.

So a brief look at what's on my mind tonight!

Etsy Boot camp....I flunked out. Why? I lost interest the minute they required me to socialize. Go onto the thread and find a boot camp buddy! Why should I? Something about being forced to immediately push myself onto someone else for their input intimidated me right out of having fun. It's a shame and something that will (and has already) held me back. Something to work on.

Branding....what is branding and why does it matter? I am having a hard time finding just what exactly it is. In between trying to decide what exactly to type the Encarta English dictionary tells me this:

branding (noun) - the use of advertising, distinctive design, and other means to make consumers associate a specific product with a specific manufacturer says that a good branding will:
  • deliver the message clearly  (what message?)
  • confirm your credibility (how exactly?)
  • motivate your buyer (I get that one!)
  • concrete user loyalty (good display, good product, good experience = return customer)
Is it a bad thing to seem uncertain about the hows and whats when you're a tiny business trying to grow? Does that put potential customers off?

I know what I am about and I know how to achieve that in my product.

Prdy is interesting, relevant, and most importantly wearable. Prdy is unique and conversational. Prdy jewelry and accessories are funky, fun, and elegant for any and every occasion.

That is what I know. The issue for the moment is figuring out how to make sure everyone else knows it and knows how to find it!

It seems to me that some more pondering, possibly some dithering, and definitely some pie are in order.