Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm awfully proud of this new pair of earrings. They go up on Etsy tonight! But they are the first in a long line of experiments and tinkering that I have planned. Jewelry, yes I dream about it, is that so wrong? Maybe it should be. Jewelry making is my crack and there is no end to the list I'm compiling of things to try.
Since I'm using nothing but my profits to fund my new exploits Josh is nothing but supportive. I imagine he's getting tired of saying, "Yes, babe, it's cute", but that's what he signed on for! Skylar is all for it, too. He's old enough that I can set him down with a pile of his own beads and a strip of string, and set him loose! Phoenix, though, well let's just say I found a missing bead in one of his dirty diapers the other day. I did NOT dig it out and use it, so have no fear! No stinkied out beads in this jewelry! I promise! Should I patent this promise? Probably not.

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