Sunday, August 22, 2010

The plague abates! Sort of. Still sniffly but feeling much more dry about the nasal area (lord that's pleasant isn't it? =P). I am concerned about my inability to make it from the kitchen to the couch without having to stop and cough for a few raw seconds. The pharmacist says drainage (eewww) so I'm looking forward to that going away! In the mean while I am staying away from my jewelry supplies and my paper scraps. Free germs with every sale? Mmnope! While that is painful in the long run it's probably better! It's given me a lot of time to surf and search for some great ideas about advertising and improving my product, my approach, and my shop in general. This article http://http// by this blogger is one of my favorite finds. There are some wonderful tips in there and some great inspirations. I'm looking forward to trying a few new things myself!

On that note I don't advertise but my shop traffic is picking up to the point that I think it's necessary. Someday Prdy will be a household name! Well maybe just a retail name =P

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