Saturday, August 7, 2010

Search and Intimidate

Crafting withdrawal has hit, or maybe it was crafting ambition overload. Either way, it's not pretty. As my first etsy-versary AND the holiday season approach the hurtles mount, one by one. All fun and spending have come to a screeching halt as Paypal harangues me for for everything from a photo ID to paystubs, utility bills, W2s, and social security cards. I'm not sure if this is something random or is the result of some problematic transaction. I can make money but I cannot move it until the review process is ended...a process that should have been finished this last week. I am...annoyed. I am also afraid of my shops for the moment. Nothing new has gone up and nothing expired has been renewed! Oh my.

Today I was searching around Etsy to ease my...unease about life, ambition, and the pursuit of contentment when I decided I should check out the Teams page again. It seems that everyone I meet is on some sort of team and everyone has great praise for them. jealous. As someone who feels they are always struggling to find that perfect niche the idea of a team that fits just right is so appealing. However, I have to say that I am still extremely intimidated by the four extra long rows of Teams that hang about on the big E. Searching, searching, searching, I will find one yet! The perfect one! But for today I will end my searching at the Bs and continue daydreaming of magazine features and blog reviews. I'm so ambitious this week!

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